About us

You must have often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million-dollar idea over drinks or while sipping coffee with friends. You must have even heard stories of college roommates or best friends who came together to start a company from their college hostel or garage. No, we aren’t one of those. We came together after years of Industry experience with running and managing large teams. The biggest challenge or pain point for every organisation – small, medium sized to large enterprises, is that their workforce not being productive and meeting quotas.

Effy Sales, a product of Effybiz, is the 1st end-to-end Sales Improvement & Team Productivity Enhancement tool that helps companies significantly increase employee productivity, communication, culture and business results.

Our Mission

Effybiz is building an end to end SaaS based Platform for developing and coaching all sales professionals to improve their overall productivity and performance. This is done by creating an environment to unlock the potential of every rep and manager to get perform better by intelligently observing reps in multiple selling scenarios, constructively assessing their approach (behavior), and providing managers with clear coaching paths to close rep development gaps—and improve their coaching skills.

How we got to here

The real solution was in improving sales effectiveness—not efficiency.

Top Management and investors expect a good annual growth in overall revenues but there is no focus on how to get the team more productive to achieve this. Companies invest in CRM solutions expecting this will improve sales but CRM only helps in organising the sales process, it doesn't necessarily accelerate the sales process.

But is there a focus on building productivity of the person who is filling the CRM, the sales person. Sadly No, Just imagine, if this persons productivity can be improved, how the overall company growth can be positively impacted. This is where Effybiz steps in to make the SALESPERSON more effective.

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