Proposal Management
Humanize your quotations documentwith Audio, Video & text narration
Contract Management
Secure and e-sign your Audio, Video enabled contracts
Payment Management
Send, track & collect bill payments with insta alerts when the doc was viewed & read
eSignature Management
Get all your documents securely signed online anytime, anywhere on any device

Document Authoring Tool


Create engaging documents with your existing documents – ppt, pdf doc, xls. Add live audio , video or screen capture with audio or combo of all . This innovative document builder helps you to send humanized documents which makes it feel an a In-Live pitching.
No hassles of using Camtasia or video editing tools to create content. This all –in-one tool helps you to create course in the fly and that too in just minutes.

Upload file

We help you to upload files of any formats ( yes non Microsoft files too). We have limits for file size based on the plan you choose.

Humanize your course

Make your document file engaging and give a feel of an actual live document discussion. Add live audio or explain the content using your video which plays alongside the slide or use screenshare with audio to explain the content in a better way.

Add notes for viewer

You can add text narration to each slide to explain something to the viewer.

Add attachments to files

Upload files to each slide from your computer or from the library.

Query Handling

Viewer while going through the document can send queries to a specific slide directly by clicking the message icon on the controls on the right side. The sender of the document is notified by email
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