Improve your overall sales conversion
Convert leads to customers
User Onboarding
B2B, Services, Product Co's
Customer Support
Next gen customer support
Proposal Management
Humanize your quotations document with Audio, Video & text narration
Contract Management
Secure and e-sign your Audio, Video enabled contracts
Payment Management
Send, track & collect bill payments with insta alerts when the doc was viewed & read
eSignature Management
Get all your documents securely signed online anytime, anywhere on any device

Train and onboard users

Improve Product Adoption

Offer In-app guidance

Create Engaging FAQ's

effyFAQ is a SAAS based in-app communication, onboarding and training solution
which helps users effectively with the use of our audio, video, screencapture with audio capabilities.

Create FAQ Help

  • Text based
  • Audio based
  • Video based
  • Screencapture and Audio

New User onboarding

Train all new users on how to product usage and clear all your new user queries to increase product adoption.

You can also increase customer conversion rates post trial periods or reduce churn of existing users.

Handy Help

Offer FAQ or help files to users which enhances the onboarding experience. Launch tutorials for first time-users.

Reduce User Churn

Launch onboarding tutorials focused on value. Reinforce your messages through action.
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