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Know which client is close by

effyTracker app enables you to track your field sales employee's location and day activities, all in real time

Managers problem

  • Sales managers have concerns around their rep’s field activity. Are they making visits?
  • How many clients have they met until now.
  • What time do they spend at the clients place.

The Solution

effyTracker helps you track your sales employee, their location using GPS. You can also track their daily movement, client visit details, type of meeting, meeting time and meeting remarks, all in real time. Interesting?

Sales Rep's Problem

Find customers near you

  • Are there any clients in and around where I stand?
  • Can I meet an old customer to just say hello?
  • Which clients is the nearest to reach from my location?


effyTracker helps you with this all the above questions. On-field sales executives can view existing customers’ location within a prefixed kilometre radius. You can view customer-specific details like last meetings done, date of visits, meeting remarks etc. This allows sales reps to perform well during their meeting.

Meeting Check in & Check out

The check-in & Check out feature in the app allows user to capture the duration of each meeting. This smart feature also does not allow a rep to check in to a meeting unless he is physically present at that location. So no more false reporting of meetings possible.

Meeting Duration

Automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting

Meeting Remarks

Click a picture of the whiteboard or of the note pad where you had written down points during the meeting. Add meeting remarks and update your Manager real time on the meeting status.

Real time metrics to enhance better conversion

effyTracker's reports offer real time insights that identify exactly where each individual sales rep needs hand holding in your sales process. You will be able to train them on exactly the areas where they need the most assistance.
  • See team performance in relation to your sales funnel
  • Reflect data from custom statuses and fields based on KPIs
  • Graphs represent team performance, best time and day to knock, and more
  • Know the number of attempts it takes to establish contacts, get leads and make sales
  • Different views available so you see the data in a way that makes the most sense
  • View changes based on parameters you set
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