Improve your overall sales conversion
Convert leads to customers
User Onboarding
B2B, Services, Product Co's
Customer Support
Next gen customer support
Proposal Management
Humanize your quotations document with Audio, Video & text narration
Contract Management
Secure and e-sign your Audio, Video enabled contracts
Payment Management
Send, track & collect bill payments with insta alerts when the doc was viewed & read
eSignature Management
Get all your documents securely signed online anytime, anywhere on any device

Customer Onboarding

Create great onboarding videos once and use them multiple times. Videos will help you to capture the attention and ensure better retention.

Customer Training

Use video modules to train and educate your clients on how to use your product. Get analytics on which video is used more and which is least used. Also get analytics which section is viewed multiple times which shows that that section is most unclear part. This feedback can be offered to the product or user experience team for further enhancement. An educated customer results in more usage which results in better references.

Customer on-going engagement

Send regular videos on how to use the product features. Customer engagement is the key to high customer lifetime value. Improve your customers engagement and ensure maximum usage.

SAAS Help files

Use screenshare with audio or videos to train your customers on how to use your platform. Get detailed analytics on which section is viewed the most and use the data to improve your product.
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