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Customer Support

Video Reply to Customer complaints – Improve assurance

Receive all customer complaints with a Video reply . A quick reply that too from someone whom you can see assures you that all will be well.

Communicate with Ease

Explaining some facts in a video is far easier than doing that in email text. Get your point across clearly and with a personal touch. You can now say goodbye to annoying long email threads. Connect, engage and resolve customer issues instantly with video emails.

Video Help files

Reduce the average customer handling time with self help video tutorials. Nurture a self serving customer base. Improve your Customer support agents response time with quick video replies.

Path to Customer Success

Customer education

Create videos for product or feature releases and show your customer how it impacts them. Educating customers improves product adoption.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is the key to high customer lifetime value. Run a series of videos sharing effective tips to keep your customers engaged.

Customer satisfaction

Use videos throughout the customer lifecycle to create a great experience that transforms into satisfaction. It’s time to delight your customers with video.
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