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Video Email,the new way of business communication

Close more deals using Video Email

Unleash the secret weapon which your competitors don’t have

Video Email

Your text-based emails aren’t as effective as they used to be

Humanise your mails with your live video. Record, send, and connect with your customers. Let your video mail stand out and get the attention you deserve

User Tracking

Get real time alerts of who viewed your video mail & how long

Reach out when you’re top of mind. Know exactly who’s opening, clicking, and playing - and exactly when. Go even deeper with enhanced video analytics

Mail Scheduling

More control over your digital communication.

Schedule your Video mails to send them now or at a time you want it to reach the recipient

More Control

Maintain control even after you send

Make changes to your doc even after you send it. Limit or turn off access at any time

Personalised Page

Create a landing page with your company branding and contact details. Choose the right template for your landing page which can be changed for every video email you send.

Action links

Adding actions links to your Video viewing page is easy. Action links will allow you to direct viewers to pages you want them to visit or for lead generation too.

How can Video email Help?

Video Email– Personalise, connect and close deals

Connect with all your clients the same way you are there in-person. EffyVideo helps you connect with more prospects, close more deals and build better relationships using the power of video.
Ready to close more deals with video?

Get attention & get more meetings

A video mail will help you stand out in the inbox and get 20X more impact. Create the wow factor and get more client meetings.
You need to try it to believe it.

Show and tell

Use videos to explain product specifications or live update of work. You can also use videos to share customer stories or product demos and other important videos.
Record and see the magic today.

Analyse and act to close with confidence

Check detailed real time notifications and analytics of who viewed your videos and for how long. Use these analytics to qualify your leads and whom to follow up first.
Empower your team and effy-up your sales now
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