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User Onboarding
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Next gen customer support
Proposal Management
Humanize your quotations document with Audio, Video & text narration
Contract Management
Secure and e-sign your Audio, Video enabled contracts
Payment Management
Send, track & collect bill payments with insta alerts when the doc was viewed & read
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Get all your documents securely signed online anytime, anywhere on any device

Scale your sales team's Performance

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An end to end Sales Enablement and employee productivity app

Sales Onboarding
Onboard new hires with engaging training modules as per their time convenience and accessible from any device.
Consistent Messaging
Enable your reps to practice, learn, and improve their selling skills even before they meet a buyer.
Continuous Training
Keep reps up-to-speed and provide easy access to learning content right when it's needed.

effyCoach Process


Offer a coaching task to evaluate, score and certify sales rep preparedness across your entire sales organization.


Improve your sales reps skills with modules, role play practice tools to practice cold calls, online demos, objection handling and more.


Send short modules for your sales team to ensure their retain important points and usps required to successfully sell to clients


Retain and share top pitches by performers in the common library for your sales team to have easy access and use it when they need it.

How it works

Evaluate your teams skills

  • Evaluate if your sales reps are sales ready for activities like giving a demo, pitching to a client, cold emailing, cold calling, negotiatons and so on.
  • Identify your reps who are most ready and those who need coaching
  • Accelerate the new hires onboarding and reduce the time for them to be sales ready

Improve your Sales Team

30% of all salespeople lack the right kills to grow in their job

  • Group your sales team by proficiency
  • Determine the skills they need to improve on
  • Plan modules and tasks to improve them
Just in 3 months you may see around 3 times improvement in them

Assess Sales Skills

Easily identify skills gaps

  • Scorecards streamline review of practices, role plays, and live conversations
  • Team workflows, highlight reels, and at-a-glance visibility motivate your teams
  • Fast, accurate, and unbiased assessment-as-a-service lets you benchmark a global sales force in less than a week

Analyse Performance

  • Measure and track the engagement and retention of each rep
  • Compare the performance with the top scorer
  • Share best pitch to other sales reps by saving it in their common library

Create Assessments

Choose the right type of Assessment.

Text Based Assessments

  • Testing writing skills like email writings, language skills
  • Can be used by Programmers to write code and explain

Audio Based Assessments

  • Ideal to test Audio tone for call based jobs
  • Can be used for non-video based tasks like sales Pitch Practicing, job skill based questions and more

Audio Video Based Assessments

  • Can be used to check confidence, body language
  • Idea for Video Based Interviews
  • Can be useful to proctor the task

PPT with Audio Assessment

  • Is the team pitching the right USP’s.
  • This type of assessment helps in evaluating how does your sales team present your company/product details
  • Ideal for sales team using PPT’s to show presentations to clients. Also useful for teams using PDF’s or brochure to sell.

Screenshare with Audio

  • Ideal for B2B or product companies to train & assess their team on how much they know their product.
  • Ideal for demo giving sales team as well the customer support exec’s.

Assign Moderators & Offer Ratings

  • Invite moderators from within or outside your organisation
  • Assign tasks to them for which they need to rate the participants
  • Moderators rate individual participants on the evaluation parameters set.
  • Moderators also share the Strength and weakness of the assessment which helps the Individuals to work on the gaps.
  • Individuals can compare their score with other participants including the Top Scorer

Role Play Practice - Improve your pitch

Users can use this feature before taking assigned task or practice for their personal development.

  • Use this to practice before making a customer call or on field before meeting the client.
  • Compare best pitch and start practising your pitch to be at par or better than that
  • Helps in getting the right message across when delivering live presentations or while making cold calls.
  • Submit tasks to Managers or peers for review.
  • Managers or Peers can review their performances.

Knowledge Library

  • Offer your reps access to a library which has the best Pitch Practices for each product or task.
  • View how others have performed and learn from the best.
  • Users can refer to library easily while on a client call or meeting.
  • Easy access to all content necessary for business.
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