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Humanize your quotations document with Audio, Video & text narration
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The best sales tool for presenting content and tracking activity

Increase Leads

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Delight Customers

Unleash the secret weapon which your competitors don’t have

effyVideo is a video content management platform that helps organizations drive more engagement and revenue through the use of online video that can track the video usage of each individual viewer, and turn those views into action.

Why effyVideo ?

Give more power to your Business with videos

Videos generate higher engagement and response rates than those with long text emails.
Many businesses have reported a 300%-500% increase in response rates to outbound sales messages when using videos.

Set up Your Profile and Custom Template

Once you set up your profile, select from a variety of templates especially created to house your personalized video and contact information in an easy-to-view design.
You can even redesign the template to match your company’s brand.

Record, Upload, Send

effyVideo app allows you to send a video which helps you interact on a more personal level, build relationships quickly and reinforce your brand.


Use the teleprompter to type and save the text you want to speak. You can view it and speak in a flow

Track Your Video

Once you send your video email out, you’ll be able to track to see when and how many times it is opened – and adjust your follow up and future email videos accordingly.

Additional Features:

  • Video Templates
  • Viewing notifications
  • Contact management

Call to action on Videos

Adding call to action on videos will have a greater impact, engagement and conversion

5 effective call to action

  • Floating message box over Video
  • Full screen Message
  • Full screen Message with Action button
  • Lead Capture
  • Action Buttons on Video

Build trust, convert leads with videos

Video can be powerful tool for sales professionals to harness and build trust throughout the sales process. Whether it’s sending marketing videos to prospects or recording video emails or highlighting product working or even sharing live video updates, video can shorten sales cycles and drive revenue.

Use Video for business communication

Record and send personalized videos, directly to your target audience’s inbox or embed on the website or share as a link
It works just like a face-to-face interaction

Empower Your Sales team

Convert more leads
Build better experience & engagement
Win more deals
  • 1.8 Million words = 1 Video
  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video email than read text
  • 64% more likely that the website visitors tend to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a promotion video
  • 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website/ email they visited in the past 30 days

Communicate more effectively with video email


Text-based emails aren’t as effective as they used to be

Humanise your mails with your live video. Record, send, and connect with your customers. Let your video mail stand out and get the attention you deserve


Real time alerts of who viewed your video mail & how long

Reach out when you’re top of mind. Know exactly who’s opening, clicking, and playing - and exactly when. Go even deeper with enhanced video analytics


More control over your digital communication.

Schedule your Video mails to send them now or at a time you want it to reach the recipient


Maintain control even after you send

Make changes to your doc even after you send it. Limit or turn off access at any time
Empower your team and effy-up your sales now
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